Water at the top of Cadia conditions

The conditions of consent for the planned Cadia East mine expansion have sought to protect the water supplies of local landowners.

The conditions of consent for the planned $2 billion expansion of Newcrest Mining’s Cadia East mine in New South Wales have been released to the public, the ABC has reported.

According to the report, the planned expansion will face 50 conditions in developing the gold and copper mine, 30 of which relate to water.

The water related conditions are significant because many local landholders have publically voiced their concerns over the fact that the expanded operation will require and extra six million litres of water per day.

Located near Orange in the central-west of NSW, the mine resides in one of the most water-restricted areas of the State.

The NSW Department of Planning has ruled that Newcrest subsidiary Cadia Valley Operations must offer compensatory water supplies to any private landowner whose water entitlements are affected by the mine’s operations.

The compensation must also be provided within 24 hours of the loss being identified.

Cadia Valley Operations must also carry out within the next six months a site water balance to detail the sources and security of its water supply, as well as conduct a series of studies on the pre-mining natural flows of surrounding waterways.

The company must also establish a program to monitor the impacts on the groundwater supply of local landowners.

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