WA’s Liberal landslide good for miners

Liberal’s win at the weekend’s Western Australian state election means resource companies will continue to receive state government support, industry commentators say.

The combination of a strong WA economy and Premier Colin Barnett's opposition to the federal government's mining tax will ensure that the two groups work closely together over the next four years, the Telegraph reported.

The Liberals will form a coalition with the Nationals in WA, having kept all of the 24 seats they secured in the 2008 election, and adding at least another seven seats to their total.

CommSec chief economist Craig James said there would be no change for business.

"I would presume it's going to be business as usual for the mining sector and business as usual for the West Australian community as a whole," James said.

"No doubt it wasn't just state issues that determined the result."

AMP Capital economist Shane Oliver agreed saying WA’s coalition government would most likely continue with the same policies.

"It's really more of the same," Oliver said.

"I don't think the WA government is a negative for business, it's probably a positive."

He added that WA's economy had been performing well and voters were happy with the government.

"It's relatively business friendly."

Western Australia's Chamber of Minerals and Energy (CME) said it looked forward to working with the Barnett Government to implement commitments such as the expansion of the Department of Mines and Petroleum's approvals tracking scheme.

"The resource sector welcomed the premier strongly ruling out additional levies and taxes on the resource sector," CME said.

Former WA mining minister Norman Moore who is one of Australia’s longest serving politicians has also recently retired, meaning the WA mining portfolio is currently open.

But Barnett has not indicated who will take over the portfolio.

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