Wambo pleads guilty to blast issues

Wambo Coal has pled guilty in the Land & Environment Court over issues relating to its blasts in May.

The NSW EPA alleged that a cloud of odorous fumes associated with the blast escaped from Wambo and spread across nearby properties, exposing a number of people to the fumes.

The department stated at the time that it has been made aware of “large orange plumes” that have emanated from the coal mine, and been advised that they have drifted across local residents’ properties.

Peabody Energy, the operators of the mine, told Australian Mining "the blast was observed to generate higher than usual levels of blast fume.  Peabody Energy responded promptly to community enquiries regarding the blast and self-reported the incident to the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and other NSW regulatory bodies in accordance with the Protection of Environment Operations Act 1997".  

The matter will now be given a hearing date to consider a penalty.

The miner was previously fined $13,000 and ordered to pay court costs of $24,000 in 2012 for a similar incident.

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