Wagners to provide McArthur River haulage services

Image: Glencore.

Wagners has secured a new contract for haulage services with McArthur River Mining to haul zinc and lead concentrate from McArthur River mine to the Bing Bong Loading Facility and Mount Isa mines metal processing facility in Queensland.

Wagners will load the zinc and lead concentrate at the mine and haul it to the metal processing facility in Mount Isa and the Bing Bong Loading Facility on the Gulf of Carpentaria.  

Glencore owns and operates combined surface mining, underground mining, processing and smelting operations in Queensland and the Northern Territory, including the McArthur River mine. 

“Wagner’s has a long-standing relationship with Glencore and is very grateful to be provided with the opportunity to service the McArthur River mine operations in the delivery of these haulage services, which is a new project for us,” Wagners’ chief executive officer Cameron Coleman said. 

“The project will provide many employment opportunities throughout both the Northern Territory and Queensland and will require substantial capital investment to increase our haulage fleet, demonstrating Wagner’s commitment to this area of our business and the resources sector.” 

Based on expected haulage requirements, the revenue over the contract term is expected to be in the vicinity of $33 million, subject to the mine’s production and ability to make the required volume of material available to meet the haulage tonnage forecast. 

“We look forward to the contribution this project will make to our business, our employees, our local supplier base and the region over the next three years, and our continuing partnership with Glencore in the delivery of these integral services,” Coleman said.  

The haulage services will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week commencing in December 2021. 

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