WA mine mapping world first

 Western Australia has released the world’s largest satellite derived geosciences map.

WA mines minister Norman Moore said the ASTER (Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection) map, which captured the entire state, provided a new generation of satellite information which will change how explorers search for mineral deposits.

"The suite of satellite-derived ASTER products that make up the map will supply basic information about the dominant rock and soil-forming mineral components of WA," Moore said.

"The resources sector will benefit greatly from access to the map, which provides better characterisation and understanding of the State’s geology."

The project was funded by the WA Government’s Exploration Incentive Scheme, which aims to make exploration and mining approvals easier and more streamlined.

The minerals mapping was a collaboration between the Department of Mines and Petroleum’s Geological Survey of Western Australia and the Centre for Three Dimensional Mineral Mapping Centre of Excellence, and was headed by the CSIRO’s Minerals Down Under Flagship.

The WA map was built from around 12 000 ASTER photos, with around 1500 used in the final map.

Each ASTER image is approximately 60km by 60km, with ppixel elements ranging from 15m to 90m.


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