WA launches new draft ventilation codes

The West Australian Department of Mines and Petroleum has released a draft code of practice for ventilation in mining.

Mines safety director and state mining engineer Andrew Chaplyn said it was the first proposed code of practice specific to ventilation for metalliferous mining operations in WA.

“It is critical that mine workers are not exposed to the risks presented by hazardous atmospheres, whether caused by fire, extreme temperatures, explosions, gases, airborne contaminants or diesel emissions,” Chaplyn said.

“Access to breathable air is vital and safety controls should either prevent hazardous atmospheres or protect workers.”

Chaplyn said the code aims to provide standards to industry to enable them to protect workers from being exposed to hazardous atmospheres in mining operations.

The draft outlines hazards, roles and responsibilities, planning and management of ventilation.

“All mining operations must have a documented risk assessment for hazardous atmospheres and appropriate controls in place to manage risks,” Chaplyn added.


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