WA project applications increase by 40%

The Western Australian Government has released its fourth quarter approvals performance report, showing a 40 per cent boost in project applications through 2017.

The report, released by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS), explains that 737 mineral licences, 368 prospecting licences and 65 mining lease applications were received in the fourth quarter of 2017. In addition, 608 Programme of Work (PoW) applications — the applications that give miners approval to disturb the ground — were lodged.

Across the entire year, 2575 such PoW applications were received, up 40 per cent on 2016 (1799 applications), and the highest level since 2012 (2565 applications), which 2017 pipped by just 10 applications.

The calendar years 2013–2015 remained relatively steady at a 2060 application average (2091, 2021 and 2068 applications respectively) before the above-mentioned dip in 2016.

This apparent resurgence in applications across 2017 was, according to the DMIRS, due to an increased interest in gold and lithium.

For further information, the full report can be read here.

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