WA Government boosts greenfields explorers

The WA Government has released the latest round of funding for exploration drilling in the state, with almost three quarters of successful applicants targeting gold.

Around $6 million has been awarded to fifty-seven mining companies exploring different regions in WA.

The funding is designed to help spur the development of greenfields projects, and WA mines minister Norman Moore told ABC Rural the investment played an important part in the industry’s growth.

“People don't realise that WA, even though it's a very mature mining province, is in fact largely under explored, and apart from some very attentive exploration around parts of the Goldfields and Pilbara lots of the state is fundamentally greenfields areas,” he said.

Moore also hit out at sections of the “green movement” he claimed opposed funding for fledgling projects.

“We need to make sure that we are putting money into exploration to encourage companies to come to WA, it’s a competitive world and money is hard to come by, particularly for smaller companies in exploration,” he said.

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