WA DMP trials updated minerals mapping system

DMP Mineral Titles Executive Director Dr Ivor Roberts tracks down a tenement with new Tengraph Web. Image: DMP

The Western Australian Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) is testing a new online version of its Tengraph mapping system that can determine land available for mineral exploration.

The Tengraph Web displays the position of the state’s mining tenements and petroleum titles, providing an accurate picture of land used for mining activity.

DMP minerals titles executive director Dr Ivor Roberts said the Tengraph has been a valuable source since 1992, but is now unable to to provide seamless coverage of the whole state.

He added that the new browser system, however, is more business oriented and focused on tenement approvals and enhanced functionality.

“Usage will be monitored and we expect most people to migrate to the new system within about a month of the roll out, but we will continue to provide access to the old Tengraph until everyone is happy,” Dr Roberts said.

“We are gathering feedback from selected external users during the testing period and will continue to seek feedback from all users after the new system is rolled out.”

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