WA bans Kronic

Western Australia has announced a ban on synthetic cannabis.

The Government implemented the state wide ban on Friday on synthetic cannabinoids such as Kronic, Kaos, Mango Kush, Voodoo, the West Australian.

From now it will illegal to supply, possess, sell or intend to sell the drugs.

The move comes after a recent drug blitz on WA mine sites showed nearly one in ten miners tested had used the drug.

At one mine, nearly 30% of workers tested positive.

According to drug testing firm Chemcentre, a culture of Kronic has grown in the mining industry.

Its use has also spread to the east coast, testing labs being set up in New South Wales and Queensland.

Kronic has already been banned in 16 countries.

WA mental health minister Helen Morton, and health minister Kim Hanes stated that the drug ban could not have been implemented prior to Friday due to ‘gazetting requirements’.

Morton said the ban was not just a knee jerk reaction to the drug’s use in the mining industry and throughout prisons, but had been investigated by the Government.

NSW and QLD state governments have not announced whether they intend to follow suit.

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