Volvo launches new high reach demolition machine

Volvo Construction Equipment (CE) has launched its EC480E HR high reach demolition machine for heavy duty demolition.

The machine has both high reach and digging capabilities due to the patented modular boom system.

The system includes a hydraulic modular joint with hydraulic lock mechanism to release digging equipment and change from the high reach demolition boom to a standard configuration in a simple and swift operation.

 The new E-series machine increased better visibility, comfort and reach than its D-series predecessors. It has a maximum reach of 28m, and a maximum tool weight of 3.5tonnes.

 With the modular boom system, operators can fit a digging boom in place of a high reach boom in under an hour, rather than taking a full day, maximising production time.

 Non-road diesel engines in construction and demolition machines are major contributors of PM 2.5 fine particles that may cause health problems such as heart and lung diseases, asthma attacks as well as other respiratory symptoms.

As the machine is powered by a Volvo Tier 4 Final engine which meets the world´s most stringent emissions regulations – required for all Australian governmental jobs by 2018 – it is fully compliant.

The machine has a hydraulic removable counterweight option, enabling easy detachment and installation of counterweights. A versatile undercarriage can be retracted for transportation or fully extended for ultimate stability. For dust suppression, four nozzles on the arm provide a fine mist that clears dust and cleans the machine.

To achieve the correct flow and pressure for hydraulic attachments such as mowers, grinders, shears, crushers and tilt rotators, the machine can be factory-fitted with a variety of auxiliary hydraulics and drain lines.

An attachment management system, controlled via a monitor, stores up to 20 different hydraulic attachment settings.

In addition, Volvo CE offers a full range of quick couplers, including its dedicated S-type coupler, that are matched to Volvo’s bucket range to ensure high break-out forces at all times. It also picks up a variety of attachments from various manufacturers.

 The machine’s high visibility cab features a one-piece laminated front window, right hand window and LEXAN roof window to create a safe and protective operator environment.

A frame-mounted falling object guard protects the operator and cab from falling debris, while double-thickness side doors on both sides of the superstructure protect coolers and pumps in the event of a side impact.

Operators also benefit from the hands-on tilt function, allowing them to adjust the angle of their cab up to 30°. Two demolition arm mounted cameras display on an 8-inch monitor and provide further sight of the attachment.

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