Volvo breaks record for world’s fastest truck

Volvo Trucks’ Iron Knight has officially won the title of the world’s fastest truck, beating the existing speed records in both the 500 and 1,000 metre standing start categories on a test track in Sweden.

The custom-built semi achieved a time of 13.710 seconds over 500 metres with an average speed of 169kph and completed the 1,000 metre run in 21.290 seconds at an average of 131.29kph.

“Specialists from several Volvo Trucks departments worked together to develop a truck with unsurpassed performance,” explains Olof Johansson, a technician at Volvo Trucks.

“Apart from Volvo Trucks’ powertrain, we’ve hand-built the truck from the ground up. The fact that we succeeded in securing not just one record, but two is absolutely amazing,” he adds.

Laurent Colantonio, director of tyre technology for Goodyear, which provided the race tyres, agrees. “With so much power and torque, ensuring that 4.5 tonnes of truck sticks to the track at speeds of up to nearly 280kph km/h is a real challenge for the tyres,” he says.

The Goodyear 315/70R22.5 that The Iron Knight steer tyres are based on and the 495/45R22.5 drive tyres are truck racing tyres, as used by all trucks in the FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) European Truck Racing Championship.

Both are built on standard Goodyear truck tyre carcasses with specially developed tread compounds and tread patterns, says Colantonio.

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