Violent protests kill one at Barrick Gold’s Peru mine

Barrick Gold has halted production on one of its gold mines in Peru following violent protests that have left one protestor dead and another four injured.

BBC News reports Human Rights Watch has called on the Peruvian Government to stop police from using lethal force in the protests, which erupted early this week over water supply fears.

Protestors from communities adjacent to the Pierina gold mine blame the project for worsening the water shortage in the region.

Activists are calling on the Peruvian subsidiary of Barrick Gold to supply drinking water to their towns.

According to BBC News mine officials have offered protestors water supplies from a purification plant, but the offer has been rejected.

The protests are the latest in a spate of violet demonstrations to hit the global mining industry.

Last month footage appeared online showing South African police shooting protesting platinum miners after a demonstration turned violent.

Image: Google Maps

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