Veolia delivers Ballarat Goldfields water treatment plant

Veolia Water Technologies Australia was awarded a contract for the design and build of a water treatment plant for Ballarat Goldfields mine site.

Ballarat Goldfields wanted to implement a safe and consistent method of dewatering the underground mine to continue to meet environmental constraint limits.

The company recovers gold from the strata beneath the old workings in the Ballarat area.

Ballarat Goldfields wanted to ensure that its mine water was treated to protect the surrounding environment and local waterways while providing an option for reusing this water.

Salt needed to be removed from the water, and by installing a water treatment plant to remove this salt ensured that the site met safe discharge requirements for the mine’s dewatering process.

In response to these needs, Veolia supplied a plant that treats pre-treated mine water from the gold mine using chemical oxidation, greensand filtration and reverse osmosis before being discharged to the siltation pond and then the river following the wetlands.

The high quality treated water ensures compliance with strict environmental discharge limits and increases environmental flows allowing the mine to operate and discharge during drier seasons.

Veolia also provides Hydrexwater chemicals and after-sales technical support for process operation and troubleshooting advicefor operators on site.

The Ballarat mine site incorporates Ballarat East, South and West goldfields. The Ballarat district has produced more than 12 million ounces of gold in its history.

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