Vehicle failure causes accident on-site

The Queensland Mines Inspectorate has released details on the latest non-fatal accident on the state's mines, where a vehicle's rim cracked and failed.

In a statement the Inspectorate said a light vehicle had struck a pot hole on-site and the wheel rim had separated from the tyre hub.

The Inspectorate said because the vehicle had been travelling slowly there was no injury, but the incident was still serious.

"Rim failure can cause a driver to lose control, leading to a collision or roll-over, with high potential for impact injury to the occupants," it said.

"Had the vehicle been travelling at high speed, a different outcome could have resulted."

The Inspectorate said the rim had failed because of fatigue cracking on the base, and on further inspection a number of rims on other vehicles were also showing fatigue.

"A mine investigation found several similar Speedy Avalanche 16 X 7 alloy rims for four-wheel drive vehicles were also cracked," it said.

The Inspectorate said harsh mine conditions and the varying product quality of vehicle components had both been factors in the failure.

In handing down recommendations inspectors said cracked or suspect rims needed to be replaced and equipment manufacturers needed to be consulted on which rims were the best fit for mine vehicles.

It also recommended an on-site testing regime be implemented for vehicle rims and companies ensure roads were maintained to acceptable standards.

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