Vanadium joins world’s largest battery tech tour for first time

Vincent Algar and Daniel Harris from Australian Vanadium Image: Australian Vanadium

Australian Vanadium is to join Benchmark Mineral Intelligence’s Benchmark World Tour 2018, the first vanadium company to do so.

Australian Vanadium managing director Vincent Algar, commenting on the inclusion, said that vanadium’s “‘lithium ion moment’ [was] coming”.

Benchmark’s managing director Simon Moores echoed this; he said that vanadium “has huge potential to reshape the global utility storage market.

“At Benchmark we have seen the utility industry evolve to such a stage that in 2018 it’s clear that its growth has been underestimated.”

The Benchmark World Tour, now in its fourth year, is the world’s leading forum on battery technology supply chains. The tour will take place over 16 cities, with Australian Vanadium due to appear in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. Algar commented fondly on Benchmark Minerals, saying the company had gained a “lot of respect” for its approach to the lithium supply chain market, and was pleased at his company’s inclusion.

“I am delighted that vanadium will now take its place next to lithium, cobalt, nickel and graphite as one of the key metals required for the renewable energy focused future,” he said.

“The interest in vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFB) is growing and with countries such as China buliding batteries like the Rongke Power 200MW/800MWh system, it won’t be long before the engineers involved begin to understand VRFB’s strengths.”

Earlier this month, Australian Vanadium secured $3 million for development at its flagship Gabanintha project in Western Australia.

The Perth, Melbourne and Sydney legs of the tour will take place this year on September 17, 19 and 21 respectively, and will be the last locations visited; the tour is scheduled to begin on May 7 in New York.

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