US workers already filling resources jobs

Several United States workers have already been placed in Australian resources jobs following the Skills Australia Needs expo in Houston earlier this year.

New Latitude director Josh Dundon, who represented a number of Australian companies in Houston, told Australian Mining several skilled US workers were heading to Queensland.

"We're in the process of placing three individuals with our client in QLD at the moment, all civil engineers," he said.

Dundon also said New Latitude would be sending more US workers to Australia over the coming months.

"We're forecasting a steady flow of around three to four placements per month over the next 12 months," he said.

"Our plan is to look at much bulkier campaigns where we can bring in up to 50 guys at a time."

New Latitude is a new mining and resources labour sourcing firm based in Perth, which specialises in finding overseas talent.

Dundon told Australian Mining the workers entering Australia with New Latitude were highly skilled and filling positions for companies that had been unable to find local workers.

"All the positions we're working with are already being advertised through local traditional sources," he said.

A more in-depth look at New Latitude's operations will feature in the August edition of Australian Mining.

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