US miner falls down shaft, left to die

A US miner was left to die after rescue crews decided recovery was too dangerous.

The 28 year old fell nearly 60 metres down the shaft at the Murphy’s Mine complex  in Jersey Valley, Nevada, northeast of Reno, according to NineMSN.

The man was working on a geothermal drilling crew, and visited the complex on Wednesday with tow friends outside of drilling hours.

JoLynn Worley, a spokesperson from the US Bureau of Land Management, said rescue operations were abandoned despite the man still being alive, as it was too hazardous to enter the mine.

“The mine is so unstable that walls were crumbling and rocks were hitting rescuers on the head when they tried to reach him,” she said.

“They’re people who will make every effort to save someone, but they really can’t get to him. It would endanger the lives of rescuers.”

Rescuers consisted of men from sheriff’s offices in nearby counties as well teams from Newmont Mining.
Several rescue workers entered the shaft but were not able to reach the injured man.

A video camera sent down showed the man had received serious head injuries after falling into the shaft.
Footage taken on Thursday night showed he was still moving his hands.

Despite the fact he was still alive and the camera recorded him breathing, there was no movement.

A priest administered the last rights and the miner was officially pronounced dead on Friday 12:30 pm local time.

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