Upskilling with CQUni allows Dan to excel in project management

Daniel Hooper is building his own path to a long career in the construction industry, with CQUniversity supporting him from undergraduate, through to postgraduate study.

“I originally completed a Bachelor of Engineering with CQUniversity and it was while working in that field that I realised where I wanted to go, and that was specialising in project management,” Hooper said.

“I work in the construction industry, which is heavily weighted towards projects and project management, so I needed a better understanding to be able to apply myself in that area.”

Fortunately, he found himself a seamless study pathway through CQUniversity’s flexible distance learning.

“The online and incremental nature of the postgraduate courses were the biggest drawcards for me,” Hooper said.

“At the end of my first year, I received my Graduate Certificate in Project Management, before continuing onto a Graduate Diploma of Project Management.

“I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to achieve high results while maintaining my heavy onsite workload, but the attractiveness of CQUni is that you can ‘scale’ back the course structure to suit your circumstances.

“Thanks to CQUni support staff and my teachers I was able to continue working full time and study without jeopardising either.

“One of the main reasons I came back to CQUni is because the courses are structured around how we can apply the knowledge in the field. I know in a lot of other universities it’s more about just learning the theory without understanding how that can be put into practice, which is what employers look for.

“As soon as I started my project management studies, I was able to use my new knowledge in my workplace and have continued to utilise my increased skillset in every new role. It enabled me to be a lot more efficient at my job straight away, enough that people definitely noticed the new ideas I was applying to my work.

“The courses prepare you to work across a broad range of industries and provided me unique opportunities across Australia. Over the past few years, I have worked within Rockhampton, Melbourne and now Brisbane.”

CQUniversity offers a range of project management courses, from certificates and diplomas through to post grad and masters level study options. To find out more about any of these courses visit

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