Union tells “anti-mining” group GetUp to back off

Union heavyweight Paul Howes says the Australian Workers' Union will continue to run advertisements promoting mining in Tasmania's Tarkine region, despite protests by lobby group GetUp.

In a statement the AWU said GetUp had written to Howes demanding the union withdraw "misleading" pro-mining advertisements.

But Howes said the AWU would continue to run the ads in an effort to promote expanding mining development in the Tarkine.

GetUp is currently leading a campaign to protect the Tarkine wilderness from mining projects it claims will "destroy" the region.

The AWU says mining needs to expand in the Tarkine to give a boost to Tasmania's ailing local economy.

It says the region is big enough to balance competing land interests, and has always supported a broad range of industries.

"I can assure the anti-mining lobby groups that our members will not be silenced," Howes said.

"They will continue to fight for their jobs, their industry and their future."

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