Unearthing mining news

REED Business has launched five new websites that deliver timely and relevant information to the mining industry.

REED Business has launched five new websites that deliver timely and relevant information to the mining industry.

By providing the latest news, developments, products and trends, these sites keep suppliers, distributors and industry professionals up-to-date with the industry.

The new websites are updated daily with news, features and the latest products to hit the market.

In today’s fast-paced technological and economic environment, keeping informed is the key to success.

By providing relevant, industry-specific information, these clear and concise sites allow professionals to remain ahead of the rest by simply accessing a single source.

Safe Mining [www.safemining.com.au] delivers the latest information and trends so workplaces can reduce the risk of injury and keep workers whistling safely at work. Mining Coal [www.miningcoal.com.au] digs deeper into industry developments and emerging methods to keep miners and managers at the top of their game.

Providing information on the latest technology and products, it keeps both Australian and international miners updated and informed.

Minerals Processing [www.mineralsprocessing.com.au] will send your productivity sky-high with information on the latest trends, products and technology in the industry.

From surveying to refining and processing procedures, Minerals Processing touches on a wide range of metal and mineral resources to cater for the widest audience.

Mine Site Vehicles [www.minesitevehicles.com.au] will keep you ploughing above the competition by providing the most up-to-date information on the latest news and products to hit the market.

Miners will also be able to keep their vehicles humming with the latest on maintenance products and procedures as well as environment and safety standards. Drill and Blast www.drillandblast.com.au] delves deep to get to the roots of drilling and blast mining developments and trends.

Also touching on international products and methods, Drill and Blast keeps Aussie miners informed, efficient and competitive.

These five sites provide a one-stop-shop for relevant news, trends, developments and product information. Peruse at your leisure, or subscribe to a newsletter and have all the information you need automatically delivered to your inbox twice weekly.

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