Underground maintenance

A training program has been developed that is focused on what’s driving underground mining machinery.

Contract mining and services companies face an array of different challenges.

One ongoing issue is that of ensuring that operators are appro­priately trained to operate and maintain mining machinery.

Especially in regards to the maintenance of diesel engines.

This is difficult as often, contract mining companies have people who do not directly work for the
company and who are operating and maintaining what is very specialised equipment.

Having the correct skills to correctly use the vehicles and main­tain the engines is even more critical when working in an under­ground environment, such as a coal mine.

These skills concerns were particularly relevant to BIS Indus­trial Logistics, which contracts all of its labour support and field service personnel to outside orig­inal equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and contractors.

When doing this, a company can leave itself exposed to an array of potential predicaments result­
ing from insufficiently trained personnel that could and on a number occasions have arisen.

If a severe or critical accident were to happen and the cause was found to be due to an inexperi­enced operator working on a piece of underground diesel equipment owned by contractor, it would find
itself liable due to the fact that it becomes the OEM when it hires any piece of equipment in the market.

In a move designed to over­come these serious issues, BIS Indus­trial, has implemented a program designed to overcome these issues.

In conjunction with independ­ent industry consultants and engi­neers, BIS has developed the Diesel
Engine Systems training program and inclusive materials to ensure that people who do not directly work
for it have the appropriate skills set, knowledge and competence to be able to work, repair and trouble 
shoot any problems associated with its diesel engines in an underground coal environment.

It focuses on repair, maintenance and servicing of diesel engine systems.

The DES training program is a three day course that encom­passes all aspects of diesel engine system, ranging from standards and guidelines, the underground coal environment, and OH&S regulations through to exhaust systems, emission controls and coded maintenance.

The course content also covers joints and flame traps, temperature and control of ignition, inlet system
and engine shut down systems.

The training program is offered by BIS Industrial Logistics under­ground equipment services.

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