Uncertain future for camp expansion in Gladstone

Councillors in Gladstone have unanimously supported a development application to double the capacity of a worker accommodation village, despite an anticipated reduction in the worker population in the area.

The developer, Homeground Villages, has an existing village in Calliope that services workers from the Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal, and other construction sector workers.

The expansion would nearly double the 1352 room facility, adding an extra 1408 rooms.

However, Homeground Villages business management director Matt Jones said that the development application was put in during an accommodation crisis.

“The application is the first in a long line of steps before hitting the go button,” Jones said.

The Gladstone Observer reported that local council supported the development application because they hoped that the village could also be used to accommodate visitors to the region, however Jones said that this would not be the case, with accommodation at the village provided only under lease agreements with companies.

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