UN probe Lynas rare earths plant

The UN has begun an investigation into whether Lynas Corporation’s Malaysian rare earths refinery may emit radioactive pollution.

Nuclear experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency are kicking off talks with activists worried about low level radioactive waste from the plant, the West Australian has reported.

Malaysia will make a decision on the plant’s future after the Agency submits its report next month.
The miner has stated that the rare earths refinery will have the highest contamination controls in place.

Lynas’ planned rare earth plant is predicted to make a serious dent in China’s global monopoly over the metal.

Currently, the nation holds around 90% of the world’s rare earth resource, and produce 95% of the globe’s supply.

This control over supply caused a veritable ‘gold rush’ to obtain the metals, which are used in renewable technologies such as rechargeable batteries and wind power plants.

Image: Lynas’ Mt Weld rare earth mine.

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