Trimble releases new haul truck monitoring system

Trimble have released the Loadrite H2250 Haul Truck Monitor for rigid body haul trucks.

The monitor is an in-cab display and sensor system used in combination with InsightHQ cloud reporting and data analysis. InsightHQ is a web-based management portal which consolidates live, operational information from loadrite devices across the site, providing real-time productivity and performance reports for extraction, processing and load out operations.

The H2250 provides near real-time reports of haul truck production and process monitoring, increasing production and limiting costs. It enables managers, operators and supervisors to monitor and improve the processes and handling of the quarry haul fleet.

Automatic haul truck load counting and payload measurements are made within a three per cent accuracy, with the system also featuring cycle time analysis, truck speed monitoring and location based material tracking.

Benefits include reducing cycle times, lowering transport costs by optimising payload, and supporting safe operation of haul trucks.

Johan Smet, general manager of Trimble Loadrite said, “Trimble’s haul truck monitoring system is unique to the industry.”

“The system calculates payload data with innovative weighing algorithms that provide greater accuracy than traditional truck scales used for quarries and small mining operations.

“Secondly, it fits seamlessly into Trimble’s Connected Quarry system, providing site managers near real time visibility across their entire operations, allowing them to see how their decisions affect operations as a whole, rather than just a single step in the process.”

The H2250 productivity reports identify material movement issues and provide graphical reports of truck activity, loading time, haul time, and queuing time.

Its speeding reports highlight operator skill gaps and haul road design issues, which improves fuel consumption, machine operation, and reduces machine wear.

The dashboard shows each truck’s cycle count and daily tonnages, with on screen alerts for speeding, roll over, tray-up, and overloading alerts.

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