Tremor probably a mine blast, seismologists say

Tremors were recorded west of Mackay in north Queensland around 4:30pm yesterday near the Hail Creek Mine in the Bowen Basin.

Geoscience Australia’s Steven Tatham said the tremor was a magnitude-3 on the Richter scale.

He said the tremors were probably triggered by a mine blast in the Hail Creek mine area, ABC reported.

“Australian earthquakes being away from those (tectonic) plate boundaries are normally no deeper than 20 to 30 kilometres,” he said.

“This one was assessed at over 100 [kilometres], which just didn’t seem possible. I suspect what’s happened is that the data was seen on our feeds, it was processed and put on our websites.

“Somebody very observant from near Mackay, near Eton, has emailed in and said ‘I didn’t feel it’.

“It’s just as useful to hear from people if they don’t feel something, almost as useful as when they do.”

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