Travel the Overland Telegraph Line

Australia has been home to many globally recognised technological advancements over the last 150 years, including the establishment of the Overland Telegraph Line in 1872.

Often referred to as the greatest engineering feat of the 19th century, this project was the launchpad for Siemens’ work in connecting the nation through modern communications.

This month, Siemens has launched the Beyond 150 Competition, giving professionals from all industries the opportunity to step beyond the everyday and witness ground-breaking technology applications up close. As part of the first set of prizes, winners will travel the 2700km length of the Overland Telegraph Line between Darwin and Adelaide on the iconic Ghan Railway.

Promising so much more than an extended train ride, The Ghan is widely considered one of the world’s greatest overland rail experiences. Originally named for the pioneering cameleers that traversed through Central Australia during the 1830s, it has a rich history of transporting both goods and people through the growth of infrastructure, and transcontinental tourism. Passengers can expect to delight in luxurious experiences and memories to last a lifetime across the breathtaking outback scenery.

This part of the first prize includes economy flights for two to Adelaide, overnight accommodation and breakfast, as well as three days and two nights on The Ghan. Site visits and off-train experiences will be sprinkled in along the way, providing a perfect balance of comfort and adventure throughout the journey.

The first competition will also offer a personalised tour of Siemens digital software at Coopers – Australia’s oldest family owned and run brewery, topped off with a beer tasting session and delicious lunch. Additionally, winners will get to experience artisan chocolate that is brought to life using Siemens’ Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) at Haigh’s.

New travel packages are to be announced every month for the rest of 2022, taking individuals on immersive journeys to rediscover their world through the lens of technology in food, travel and entertainment. Entrants will have a chance to part the curtain between culture and science, gaining a holistic understanding of how Siemens is integrated throughout every corner of Australian infrastructure and innovation.

The first monthly prize draw is open now and all professionals are invited to apply before the closure date on 30 April. Register here.

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