Trapped coal miners confirmed dead

 The death of four coal miners who were trapped underground in a flooded Welsh coal mine has been confirmed.

Last week an underground coal mine, the Gleision Colliery in South Wales flooded, trapping three miners.

Rescue workers responded immediately, spending hours pumping water from the mine.

While the floods occurred on Thursday morning, it was not until the following Friday morning that any bodies could be retrieved, the Guardian reported.

It is believed that the accident occurred when one of the miners attempted to blast through to a new seam of coal, but also blasted into an old waterlogged shaft, causing water to gush into the operational shaft where other men were working.

The first body was found deep in the flooded tunnel.

A second body was found later that day at 12:15pm, near the initial blast site, however it was unable to be recovered.

The remaining bodies were not found, and rescuers were unable to progress deeper into the tunnels.

Only two of the seven working underground managed to escape to the main entrance.

A third man, the one believed to have set the charge, manage to escape through old mine shafts and reach the surface.

During the incident he suffered serious injuries and is still in hospital.

Image: The Guardian


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