Trainee of the Year Finalist: Sorren Owens

Sorren Owens grew up in Normanton and went to school as a boarder at Abergowrie College. He has come from humble beginnings to be named a finalist in the 5th Annual Prospect Awards.

Sorren Owens grew up in Normanton and went to school as a boarder at Abergowrie College.

After finishing Year 12 he gained employment as a Technical Trade Assistant at Zinifex Century Mine with one of the contractors on site.

After starting his employment as a Trade Assistant in the Heavy Vehicle Workshop, Owens saw an opportunity to become an apprentice for his employer (Roche) and applied, however, his application was declined.

Every other young person who started at the same time was taken on as an apprentice – he was the only one who missed out.

He continued on as a Trade Assistant for another 18 months, asking Roche HR regularly for an apprenticeship, but without success.

He also regularly spoke to Barb Bailey (GCA) at Zinifex Century Mine who eventually told him that Zinifex was interviewing locals for apprenticeships; he applied and gained a place.

Owens’ Supervisor, Steve Rattray (Light Vehicle Workshop), is extremely pleased with Owens’ progress.

He said he is keen, highly motivated, has a strong work ethic, and is an excellent role model for other apprentices on site.

Rattray has found Owens gains satisfaction in problem solving, and particularly likes working on more complex jobs where he has to use his own initiative.

He is very keen to learn, inquisitive about mechanical work that is new to him and does not hesitate to ask questions in order to quickly acquire further knowledge. Owens’ good communication skills combined with his sense of humour have rapidly made him a valuable member of the Light Vehicle Workshop team. He has almost finished his first year of study well ahead of schedule.

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