Toro sees successful uranium benefication at Wiluna

Toro Energy’s early benefication testwork at its Wiluna uranium mine has resulted in massive grade increases.

According to the miner, its preliminary testwork has resulted in an increase of 4.5 times the effective grade of the beneficiated concentrate to 9968 ppm compared to the feed grade of the sample of 2209 ppm U3O8.

“The aim of the benfication steps is to produce a high grade low mass uranium concentrate to feed the leach circuit with minimal uranium losses,” Toro Energy said.

“Screens and cyclones were used to reject 80 per cent of the total mass whilst maintaining 90 per cent of the total uranium.”

Commenting on the results, Toro managing director Vanessa Guthrie said “these results highlight the potential for benefication steps to present transformation changes to the scale, design, and cost of the processing circuit”.

“Given that these results were received on a single sample we will now initiate a more comprehensive testwork program on representative samples to assess, to a scoping study level, optimum sizings for benefication and the downstream implications for process design and costs across the Wiluna uranium project.”

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