Top stories of 2015

Our top five stories for the year showcase the most important issues to miners in Australia.

  1. Workers trapped on Barrow Island ahead of Cyclone Olwyn

Top of the list, readers were very interested to find out about in the workers trapped on Barrow Island ahead of a cyclone at the beginning of 2015, when Chevron blamed birds on the airport runway for keeping flights from leaving the island.

  1. Rose Porteous resurfaces for 'House of Hancock' TV series

Gina Rinehart never fails to turn heads, but it wasn’t her efforts on Roy Hill that topped the charts, but rather her life story told by Channel 9, and in particular comments made by none other than Rose Porteous that outdid the popularity of Australia’s leading lady of iron ore.

  1. BREAKING: Suicide discovered at Ichthys camp
  2. BREAKING: Suicide tragedy strikes family of FIFO worker

The last year has seen better safety stats for mining workers, with less people killed on the job than in 2014 when we were losing an average of one person a fortnight. However, the suicide figures keep trickling in, with two of our most read stories the year covering the tragic deaths of FIFO workers.

  1. How to get a mining job with no experience

In fifth place is this classic from 2012, still raking in the readers. There’s never a shortage of demand for information about how to get a job in the mining industry, and even in these times of depressed commodity prices, people still seem to think there might be a chance of getting a job with no experience. Good luck guys! You’re gonna need it.

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