Top 7 movies about mining

At Australian Mining we've put together a short list about some great movies about mining, or featuring mines.

1. Blood Diamond

A movie about the diamond trade in Africa, in particular the harsh conditions found on mines and the illegal, or 'blood diamond' trade.
While it focuses on a single diamond, it does show the harshness of illegal mining in Africa.

2. There will be blood

A great film about the rise of a turn of the century oil prospector in the US, and some of the double dealing the resources industry saw back in the early days. It highlights the big deals, the big men, and how companies, at this time, were driven by individuals rather than a board at the turn of the last century.

3. Moon

A bit of a different film, this is about a man mining on the moon. Not to give the plot away, it does show what mining in the future may be like, and how full automation and remote control has essentially removed most of the people from the work zone, requiring only one person to operate a massive mining operation.

4. Total Recall

There isn't too much we can say about this movie – Arnold Schwarzenegger, in a mining colony on Mars. Awesome film.

5.Diaros de Motocicleta

While this is about Che Guevara, it does highlight the state of mining in South America in the middle of last century, and the conditions miners faced, particularly at Chiquicamata. And how this directly led to his later actions, such as the overthrow of the Cuban government.

6. The Treasure of Sierra Madre

Humphrey Bogart mining for gold in central Mexico's Sierra Madre Mountains; and the line "there's gold in them there hills".
A classic.

7. Red Dog

We thought you may have thought we forgot about this screen gem. A story about Red Dog, whcih showed the Pilbara in all its glory back in the days of Aussie mining before OH&S was taken seriously, and stubbies and thongs were considered appropriate PPE.

If you know of any other great films about, or featuring, mining, let us know.

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