Too early for predictions, Minister

Queensland's Climate Change Minister Kate Jones believes it is too early to predict how emissions trading will affect mining jobs.

It is too early to predict how the Federal Government’s proposed emissions trading scheme will affect mining industry jobs, according to Queensland’s Climate Change Minister Kate Jones.

“At this stage it still has to pass through the Federal Parliament, so we really don’t know what the final CPRS is going to look like and how that is going to apply,” she said.

“I’ve had a meeting with (Federal Climate Change Minister) Penny Wong since I’ve been the Minister and she’s very focused on ensuring that the economy and jobs are central to their outcome.”

Anglo Coal recently told a Senate inquiry into the Government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) that it believes even more jobs will be lost in the mining industry if changes are not made to the plan.

According to Jones, the Queensland State Government is aware of people’s fears of job losses, and is focused on how all policy decisions will impact on employment.

“Anna Bligh made it very clear that our number one election commitment was to create jobs,” she said.

“She set a very high target of creating 100,000 jobs here in Queensland.

“She’s made it very clear that should be the basis for all decisions we make as a Cabinet and that’s something I’ll be doing in my portfolio as well.”

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