TomCar to invest in study for electric mining vehicles

Melbourne-based TomCar has partnered with CSIRO as part of a feasibility study surrounding a new demand for zero-emission electric mining vehicles.

 The car making company has already supplied vehicles to cattle stations and defence buyers, including the Australian Air Force. 

Co-founder and chief executive David Brim now believes there is room to build off-road, zero-emission electric vehicles (EV) for mining companies. 

“The TomCar body is already tough enough, its fully welded metal and fibreglass, no plastic,” Brim said.

“Where we can improve with the switch to electric cars is in the toughness of the battery, and having a smaller motor with more power.”

Both TomCar and CSIRO will invest $50,000 in the study, according to a report in the AFR.

“This is going to be like Pimp My Ride for EV,” CSIRO’s director of industrial innovation research, Gerry Wilson, said.

“Having a big motor on the chassis is fine on bitumen, but that unsprung mass gives you a terrible ride off-road.”

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