Thousands of US workers apply for mining jobs

More than 2,000 skilled workers from the United States have applied for 700 construction and mining jobs in QLD and WA.

The applications follow the Federal Government's Skills Australia Needs expo held in Texas recently.

The West Australian reports US Ambassador to Australia Jeffrey Bleich said more expos would be held around the US in the coming months to build on the first event's success.

Many of the US workers are former war veterans with transferrable skills as well as experienced workers struggling to find jobs in the ailing US economy.

According to The West Australian Bleich said the international labour would not be permanent and help get resources projects up and running.

"The nice thing about Americans is we like to do a good job and do our best but we go home afterwards so we won't be taking away any jobs for Australians, we'll just keep the momentum going for the boom," he said.

The Skills Australia Needs expo follows Federal changes to make it easier for workers to migrate and have their skills recognised in Australia.

Over the weekend the Government's Resources Sector Jobs Board went online, aiming to give Australians the first chance to score mining work before it's offered to foreign workers.

Under new rules companies must first advertise positions on the jobs board before applying for Enterprise Migration Agreements.

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