Thousands march in protest at Romanian gold mine

Thousands of people have reportedly flooded the streets in Bucharest to protest Europe’s largest planned gold mine.

Protestors are blocking major roads in Romania’s capital, marching past government buildings stating: “Your treason is measured gold”, according to

They come about on the back of claims that the mine would need around 12 000 tonnes of cyanide for processing (which according to is more than 12 times than what is currently used in all of the European Union) and that the project would necessitate the removal of four mountain tops.

It follows news that Canadian miner Gabriel Resources is preparing itself to sue the nation for $4 billion in damages if it cancels permits for the Rosia Montana mine.

“We have a very, very robust case, and we believe we have claims up to $4 billion that we can send to the Romanian state,” Gabriel Resources’ CEO, Jonathan Henry told Bloomberg.

“We will go ahead and do that if the vote is against.”

Romania’s parliament is preparing to vote on whether to back the project or nix the project, with a decision slated for November.

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