Think tank finds inordinate coal push by MCA

The Australia Institute, a Canberra-based think tank that covers a wide range of subjects, has announced that the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) is overzealous in its promotion of the coal industry.

The report found that the MCA mentioned coal more than any other ore in media commentary, despite the fact that coal industry workers make up only a small number of MCA members, with only 16 out of 49 having exposure to the coal industry.

MCA media analysis saw 1594 stories featuring coal and only 511 featuring iron ore, a much bigger export. For point of comparison, two of the MCA’s most prominent members, Rio Tinto and BHP, account for less than six per cent of thermal coal revenue.

The Australia Institute is a left-leaning group that pushes for energy reform and is largely against the expansion of the coal industry on an ecological level.

“Iron ore is Australia’s largest export and the main focus of the MCA’s two biggest members, BHP and Rio Tinto,” said The Australia Institute’s director of research Rod Campbell. “[And] yet the MCA pushes coal day in, day out.

“Only three of the MCA’s members — Adani, Centennial and New Hope — are focused 100 per cent on thermal coal for power stations.”

BHP is currently planning to review its ongoing membership with the MCA, citing a difference of opinion over climate and energy policy.

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