Think like a CEO: Truly human leadership with Bob Chapman

Behind every great leader is an extraordinary team of people. And extraordinary teams don’t just happen — they’re made.

It takes time and resources to build a high-performing team. Few have done it better than Bob Chapman, recently named the number three chief executive officer in the world by an Inc. magazine article.

Chapman became chief executive officer of Barry-Wehmiller in 1975 – at the age of 30 – and 40 years later has transformed it into a $2.5 billion company with 11,000 employees.

Over the past two decades, he has pivoted from traditional management practices to hone a people-centric approach.

An environment where employees feel valued, cared for, and like they’re an integral part of the company’s purpose shouldn’t be a novelty — it should be the norm.

For too long, caring has been left out of the business leadership equation. But it’s key to creating an environment where people want to come to work and build something bigger than themselves.

Enter Truly Human Leadership.

Chapman will share his philosophy on true human leadership at the SafetyCulture Summit 2021: Made Extraordinary, a free two-day event set to inspire working teams around the world.

Get a sneak peek of the structure of success by reading Chapman’s leadership tips that will show you how to become a leader — and an extraordinary one at that.

Tip 1. Be a steward, be a leader

To Bob Chapman, leadership means being a steward of your team member’s lives and cultivating a culture for each person’s unique motivations, skills, and challenges to grow and develop.

This genuineness, or truly human leadership as Chapman calls it, can make work more meaningful for each individual.

“At Barry-Wehmiller, we’ve found that people are capable of doing amazing things if we just give them the environment in which they can discover, develop, share, and be appreciated for their gifts,” he shares.

Tip 2. Listen with empathy

We’re taught to talk, learn to listen. More than ever, people want to feel valued; people want to be understood and heard.

Chapman says that empathetic listening, which is the basis of being a good leader, is about putting yourself into their shoes and listening. Show genuine interest to the people around you. If you do this, you’ll realize that listening can make each person feel the presence of a leader who can help create a better future.

Tip 3. Recognize and celebrate the goodness in people

Truly human leadership is about discovering these special gifts and skills and nurturing them into something bigger than themselves.

Daily acts such as a meaningful word or note of appreciation can make employees feel considered.

Rather than an over-the-top celebration, small daily acts to remind employees of their efforts and progress can create an environment where people feel cared for.

Tip 4. Success lies in the way you touch the lives of others

The metrics of success are different for every business. Organisations typically report on profits, key performance indicators, and return on investment, but for Bob Chapman, truly human leadership is about connecting business to purpose and humanity.

The approach should be to find new ways to lead, creating a brighter and more sustainable future.

Together with an abundance mindset, an abundance of patience, love, hope, and opportunity, people can do extraordinary things.

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