Thiess win $1.3 billion coal contract

Thiess has won a contract extension for work at the Lake Vermont coal mine worth $1.3 billion.

The Jellinbah Group awarded the extension, which will see it provide an additional three years of work, extending operations to December 2021.

It comes as Thiess, and its parent company, were awarded two other major coal contracts, one in NSW worth $760 million, and another in Mongolia.

 Jellinbah Group CEO Greg Chalmers said, “This is an important commitment for both companies; Thiess has proactively worked with us to ensure that the Lake Vermont mine remains competitive on a global scale, driving value through innovative technical solutions and a focus on operational outcomes.”

Thiess has been on site since 2007, when it was constructed to build the mine’s infrastructure including the CHPP.

This workload was then expanded in 2012 to aid increasing production at the site.

Since 2008 Thiess has carried out mining operations at Lake Vermont, including mine planning, operations, maintenance, processing, and loading.



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