Thiess recognised for Mount Pleasant rehabilitation

Mount Pleasant

The Mount Pleasant operations in New South Wales. Image: Mach Energy

Thiess has been highlighted for its best-practice rehabilitation at the Mount Pleasant coal mine in New South Wales by the state’s Resources Regulator.

Thiess has performed construction services contracts at Mount Pleasant since 2017, as awarded by MACH Energy, plus bulk profiling and shaping of mine spoil, construction of drainage networks and installation of habitat features among other tasks.

The Regulator’s Rehabilitation Information Release, dated early August, focused on Mount Pleasant’s geomorphic landform establishment and the various modelling required.

Thiess environment and civil manager James Anderson said there was more benefits to effective rehabilitation than simply ticking boxes.

“The implementation of these controls is an example of how we channel our global experience and insight to create advantages for our projects,” Anderson said.

“Our proven systems and processes help deliver immediate efficiencies, reduce rework time and lower life of mine costs for our clients.”

The contractor recently received a $920 million, four-and-a-half-year contract extension at Mount Pleasant as it continues to optimise the mine sequencing.

Thiess environment superintendent Peter York said the company prided itself on every facet of its work at Mount Pleasant and further afield.

“Our rehabilitation is not just about quantity. The final outcomes have to be quality as well, capable of meeting an agreed end land use,” York said.

“To help facilitate this, we work with MACH Energy to identify improvement opportunities to proactively manage environmental risks and adapt to changing regulatory conditions and evolving community expectations.”

The Regulator listed the ways in which Thiess ensures this quality is assured at Mount Pleasant.

The techniques included inspection and test plans for both on the ground and drone flight inspections, effective monitoring programs, post-rainfall drone flyovers, and bi-annual aerial mapping using LiDAR (light detection and ranging).

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