The top 19 LinkedIn Groups for mining

As a follow up to our ‘social media content series’ Mining IQ decided to research the world of LinkedIn activity specific to mining and resources.  LinkedIn is an incredible tool for networking, benchmarking and discussion if used properly and effectively. However – it can be a minefield – excuse the pun – for those who are new to its services or find the plethora of groups available to join a little overwhelming.

What have we based our decision making on? Three key factors – first and foremost the volume of members in the group. Secondly – discussions on the site and the activity of those discussions. Thirdly and finally – the quality of interaction in the group and the balance of vendor / supplier versus practitioner involvement.


1.           Mining and Metals professionals globally 9364 Members

2.           Metals and Mining 5114 members

3.           Mining and Metallurgy Industry Network 6571 members

4.           Coal 6436 members

5.           Coal Mining 5276 members

6.           The Gold Mining Group 3200 members

7.           ESRI network 8000 members

8.           Geospatial information science and technology 9461 members

9.           GIS 22,421 members

10.        GIS, mapping and Geotechnology professionals 15,010 members

11.        Mining and construction equipment 5330 members

12.        Mining industry professionals 25,134 members

13.        Society for Mining metallurgy and exploration 7644 members

14.        Mineral processing 2246 members

15.        Women in mining 2000 members

16.        Mining IQ 932 members. We couldn’t resist a plug here!

17.        Mine Planning 1659 members

18.        Mining Environment group (subgroup of Mining Industry Professionals) 1006 members


This list originally appeared in full at MiningIQ.

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