The Safety Conference is counting down

There are only a few days left to get face to face with the people who making the laws that control safety on your site.

Australian Mining's Safety Conference is getting closer and tickets are running out.

The conference, the first ever held by Australian Mining, will allow you to get face to face with the people who making the rules and regulations for safety on your site.

With WA mining minister Norman Moore and director of mine safety for the Department of Mines and Petroleum Simon Ridge, this is an opportunity to get your views across and hear what is happening to your site before it happens.

This rare chance with both men in the room at the same time is an unmissable opportunity.

You will also get to hear about the latest developments, technology, and procedures from those in the industry themselves, such as Davey Bickford's Kim Greenock, MineARC's Paul Medcraft,  and RCT chief Noel Northcott.

The director of the CSIRO's Minerals Downunder Flagship Jonathon Law will also speak on the future of the industry.

Automation, blasting, drilling, and mental health will be a key focus, with renowned mining mental health expert Jennifer Bowers discussing how to keep your workers mentally fit and healthy.

Insuring your workers will be covered and how to keep your site legally protected in the case of a serious accident.
So book now and be a part of the safety revolution.

Click here to register today.

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