The eastern seaboard steps up

The boom in Western Australia’s mining industry is having one inadvertent negative effect, a skilled labour strain which is leading to long lead times in local bulk handling technologies solutions. Val Pavlovic writes.

Industrial Conveying has been met with many recent enquiries for quick turnaround projects (two to three months).

Managing Director of the company Don Erskine said the mining sector in WA is thriving so much that any extra day spent waiting for capital works projects to be completed equates to a high cost in downtime.

“A boom can be a difficult time for an industry which traditionally has sourced much of this type of technology from overseas suppliers and has only limited option in its own region,” he said.

“So we have analysed what materials handling needs are most likely in such industry conditions and worked out fast times to market.

“WA mine managers are now looking to Victoria and NSW. We have readily been approached in recent months with all sorts of requests and our response has been to make cooperative agreements with clients for fast turnaround and specific solutions.

“Essentially, the main call has been for provision of conveyor-based solutions that get a mining plant up and running quickly.

“This opened new avenues for one of our more adaptable technologies – radial stackers. The suitability of our stackers fits the industry criteria and time constraints perfectly.

“These scalable stackers are readily seen as a rapid way to not only link huge conveyor systems used in the extractive and processing duties; they are also relocatable and can be used for many applications.”

Industrial Conveying’s radial stacker is allowing stockpiles to be more strategically placed, more quickly processed and, when there is a series of radial stackers, in many cases it works faster and more efficiently than a fixed conveyor system.

Its simplified design is critical to its lower unit cost and very short delivery time. The system uses standard off-the-shelf components readily available in Australia and is not affected by parts delays like other systems that rely on imported parts and associated delivery delays.

“Despite our supply originating from the far side of Australia, WA mines are more than keen to be able to source all this capital works equipment through companies like ours as very few domestic options exist for a turnkey solution.

“Apart from radial stackers and conveyors, WA mines have been sourcing for hoppers, screens, controls systems, bins, buckets — basically anything we can turn around quickly and with accuracy.”

Don Erskine

Industrial Conveying

03 5440 5100

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