Tasmania’s Mt Lyell mine’s future revealed today

Copper Mines of Tasmania (CMT) will announce the future of the Mt Lyell mine today, after a series of accidents halted operations.

Late last month CMT suspended all operations after a spate of incidents saw three workers killed in the space of six weeks.

In December two men were killed in a shaft accident, whilst another man was killed in a mudslide in mid-January.

Following these incidents the mine halted operations and began investigations into the cause of the accidents.

Since this time many workers jobs have been up in the air, as decisions on the mine’s future remain unknown, with workers employed on short term care and maintenance.

CMT and its contractor Barminco are currently discussing how many people would be needed to keep the mine on care and maintenance and assist with investigations.

They have also temporarily redeployed a number of employees nationally and internationally, and  requested workers with accrued leave take the time off.

AWU deputy branch secretary Robert Flanagan said the union is concerned that many Barminco employees haven’t got a great deal of accrued leave.

The underground contractor has only been on site since September.

Flanagan told Australian Mining maintenance workers have about less than month worth of work left.

Clyde said nothing would be decided without consultation with all its employees.

He explained that after three fatalities the company won’t be relaunching production works until it is confident it can be done safely, and so far no solution has been communicated.

“If we are able to find a way to safely re-commence ore production, it may take some time to develop and implement the necessary changes and modifications that may be required,” he said.

“We realise that people want some clarity about the future but unfortunately this takes time and as yet we do not have the answers.”

CMT will today announce its decision, according to the ABC.


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