Tasmania’s mining boom

Tasmania’s mining industry is at its highest point in decades.

The Tasmanian Minerals Conference was told that the State’s industry is in the best shape it has been in year due to an increased demand from China and India, the ABC has reported.

According to Tasmanian minister for energy and resources Bryan Green, mining contributed nearly of the State’s gross export income for the 12 months to the end of February this year, totaling $1.39 billion.

Tasmanian Minerals Council CEO Terry Long explained that the industry is growing, stating that “you’d have to say the outlook for mining in Tasmania is strong now; it will be stronger next year.”

The Australian Bureau of Statistics highlighted its booming exploration sector, which saw levels higher than before global financial crisis, with mineral exploration expenditure almost doubling over six successive quarters.

A rise in commodity prices has also driven this push, MMG’s John Lamb adding that "we’re seeing good prices in zinc, in gold and silver in lead and in copper.”

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