Tasmanian Gov slams opposition over mining statements

Tasmanian minster for energy and resources Bryan Green has slammed Opposition resources spokesperson Adam Brooks over “deliberately making false and misleading statements” on mining.

Green claimed Brooks has presented mining in the state as on unsteady ground, and that the current Government has been unsupportive of the mining industry.

“Mining is vitally important for jobs and Tasmania’s ongoing prosperity, we cannot afford for it to be traded away by Labor to keep the Greens happy, as has occurred with forestry,” Brooks stated earlier this month.

“Mr Brooks is trying to paint a negative picture of Tasmania’s mining sector when nothing could be further from the truth,” Green responded

“As minister for resources, I have approved new mines, mineral exploration is at record levels and we have seen very significant jobs growth.”

He went on to say “Labor also fought hard to prevent national heritage listing of the Tarkine, which was originally proposed by the Liberals, and that has provided additional security and confidence for the mining industry”.

“There is no better example of that than Grange Resources’ decision last year to relocate its head office from Western Australia to Burnie.”

Green called Brooks “attempts to talk down the prospects of Tasmania’s mining industry were shameful”

“At the same Mr Brooks is pretending to be the great friend of the mining industry, he is pandering to a Green scare-campaign by saying he’ll stop exploration for shale oil in Tasmania.”

“We want to see more exploration and new mines to provide jobs and wealth for the State,” Green said.

His statements come just after his announcement of multi-million dollar road and rail upgrades for the State’s north west to aid mining.

“The State Government is determined to support our mining sector to continue investing in Tasmania and creating jobs for Tasmanians,” Green said.

“More than $3.6 million of this funding will be used to upgrade rail infrastructure to enable the transport task to be by rail.

“A further $250,000 will be provided for an early start and completion of road upgrades to be funded from the State Government’s Community Roads Program.

“This follows a $3 million investment by Tas Railway to upgrade the Melba line so additional ore from new projects such as Venture Minerals’ Riley project can be transported.

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