Tasmania steps back on mining inspector pay cut

Tasmania’s government has reversed its decision to cut mining inspector pay.

The state initially planned to almost halve the pay of the Principal Mining Inspector, as it believed the award was incorrectly graded, according to the ABC.

However the decision was swiftly slammed by unions and state opposition, which stated the lower salary may dissuade more experienced inspectors from applying, potentially putting mine safety at risk.

This opposition has resulted in mining and workplace safety minister Adam Brooks rescinding the decision, instead seeking to maintain current salary levels at the Mining Inspectorate, and retaining current principal mining inspector Andrew Tunstall in the role for an additional five years.

“We are absolutely committed to mine safety,” Brooks said on the back of the decision.

Tasmania’s Labor, and opposition leader, Bryan Green welcomed Brooks move.

“The Government was prepared to compromise safety, they were prepared to potentially lose the expertise that this mining inspector has,” Green said.

“Yes, it’s a massive backflip but in the end it’s the right thing to do because you shouldn’t compromise mine safety.”



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