Tarkine environmentalist receives death threats

Greens candidate and environmental campaigner Scott Jordan has received death threats over Facebook, as the battle over mining in Tasmania's Tarkine continues.

All sides of politics have moved to condemn the threats, with the Greens, Liberals, and Labor Government all uniting to express concerns over the action.


“There is no excuse for anyone to use this kind of language, no matter what the issue,” Premier Lara Giddings told The Advocate.


Along with condemning the threats, Tasmanian Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson claimed campaigns by Paul Howes and the Australian Workers' Union had encouraged the behaviour.


"If [Paul Howes] intends to continue to use the North-West of Tasmania as a lectern to further his union's ambitions, he needs to help dial back the rhetoric that encourages this type of behaviour," he said.


Liberal MP for Braddon Adam Brooks also criticised the comments.


“These sorts of threats should be condemned in the strongest possible terms,” he said.


Both Labor and the Liberals have expressed broad support for mining in the Tarkine in an effort to boost Tasmania's ailing economy.


The Greens have remained strongly opposed to development in the region however, claiming expanding mining projects threaten the unique environment of the Tarkine.


A pro-mining rally has been planned at Tullah later this month, and both the ALP and Liberals have previously expressed support for the gathering.

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