Tall poppy syndrome [opinion]

In this country today we seem intent on using the tall poppy syndrome to ensure that nobody does any better than the lowest person on the ladder.

Gina Reinhart, Andrew Forrest, Clive Palmer and Nathan Tinkler are a few of the very many industry giants being shot down in the media.

We are forever being reminded that they are filthy rich (why does being rich make you filthy) and need to be bought down a peg or two.

Isn't it about time that we stood up and thanked these pioneers that took risks, ignored the naysayers and just got on with things?

These people have created jobs, created wealth, created opportunities, paid tax and, most importantly, given a lot to those in the community that don't have much.

They will never boast about what they give back because that's not their style.

They will, however, continue to create jobs and opportunities even when the media and the government try their best to stop them.

I remember when I was young hearing someone say that if he worked really hard and put his head down that one day he hoped to have a great house and be able to give back to those less fortunate. Hear! hear!

In America they celebrate greatness.

They  applaud those that do well and they encourage the entrepreneurial spirit. 

We need to do that here in Australia. If we don’t, we risk losing out to our neighbours who work hard and don't complain when someone strikes it rich.

I hope that one day with hard work and a smile on my face that I too will be able to give back. perhaps by then the media and the government will encourage this and not tax me out of business.

Image: AAP, Tony McDonough

This opinion piece originally featured on the Symposium Events blog. Later this month Symposium will be hosting key industry players, private investors, and international speakers at the Resources and Energy Symposium.

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