Talga triples Swedish graphite resources

Perth-based graphite explorer Talga Resources has announced their maiden JORC mineral resource in Sweden has tripled their prospect .

The Jalkunen graphite inferred resource of 31.5 million tonnes at 14.9 per cent has contained graphite of 4.63 million tonnes, bringing the Talga’s total graphite inventory in Sweden to 6.9 million tonnes.

The new announcement is the latest in a series of positive moves in recent months, including the start of trial mining at the Vittangi project, where blocks of graphite are quarried from the ground using block-sawing techniques, similar to architectural stone quarrying.

Talga has also recently sold options for three out of four of its Australian gold projects to Beatons Creek Gold (a subsidiary of Novo Gold Corporation), in order to on graphite and graphene opportunities in Europe.

In July Talga began trucking graphite from Vittangi to their storage and processing facility in Rudolstadt, Germany, where phase 1 commissioning will begin.

Phase 1 will see a world first in direct-from-ore exfoliation method for extracting kilogram quantities of graphene and nano-grade graphite.

Managing director Mark Thompson said the new Jalkunen resource estimate was extremely encouraging on several fronts.

“Not only does it elevate the project from target to resource status, it springboards into the top nine graphite deposits by size and is within top six for grade of worldwide graphite resources,” he said.

“This is significant as this was the first drill test by Talga and required relatively few holes, so the deposit has a high potential for further growth if required.

“Also, the Jalkunen resource sits close to the previously announced Jalkunen Exploration Target  which provides encouragement regarding endowment of the remaining graphite Exploration Target portfolio.”

At present Talga have a suite of five projects in Sweden comprising 30 separate deposits of high grade graphite

Talga’s Vittangi project has been rated number one according to the Technology Metals Research Advanced Graphite Projects Index.

Unprocessed raw graphite ore from Vittangi at 24.4 per cent total carbon has been shown to exhibit similar characteristics, including conductivity, to highly purified synthetic graphite, enabling simpler low-cost processing techniques.


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